May 02 2007

Scuba Diving in Mexico

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I managed to get away for a week to do some scuba diving down in Mexico. My entire family heads down south of Cancun, Mexico once a year to dive, sit on the beach, and drink margaritas. We rent a condo in Puerto Aventuras and just do ocean things. Even though this was our third year doing the trip, we do not try to do any sightseeing. It is all about diving, relaxing, and spending time with the family. My parents initially started the trip so that they could spend time with the grandkids.

I was able to do 8 dives during the week. Going 80 feet under the water for an hour is an incredible experience. The dives out of Puerto Aventures are very easy, both to do and to get to. Most of them are a 5-10 minute boat ride out of the harbor. Do a back roll out of the boar and you are diving in 80 degree water. I wear a full 3mill wetsuit, but I have done some dives in a 3mill shorty and never felt cold. This trip, I picked up a Henderson wetsuit and loved it. It is extremely flexible and comfortable and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good diving wetsuit.

School of FishThe dives had lots of marine life. The most cool things I saw this trip were a school of barracuda (about 20 of them), a sea turtle eating coral for breakfast, and a nurse shark. The nurse shark was hanging out under a rock and did not swim away. Normally, they are extremely shy and do not like to be bothered, but this one let us stare at it and take pictures. Last year, the weather was really windy, so I did all of my dives in cenotes (underwater caves). While the cenotes are interesting, they are pratically devoid of life. The ocean is much more interesting, fun, and warmer. It was also great to be able to diving with my brother. I do not see him that much because he lives across the country and our travel schedules rarely line up. We discovered that we each dive pretty much the same way so it is really easy for us to be dive buddies. Having a good understanding and rapport with your dive buddy is pretty important when you are 60 feet underwater with no way to talk.

Here is a picture of me underwater. Still need to work on my form and my breathing, but I get better with each dive.

Mark Scuba

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