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Aug 20 2007

COI Restaurant

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COI RestaurantI went to Coi Restaurant last week for dinner. Coi is an amazing restaurant owned by chef Daniel Patterson. Chef Patterson used to own Babbette’s and Elisabeth Daniel, and cooked for a while at Frisson. The three meals I had at Elisabeth Daniel are probably some of the best that I have ever had. My meal at Treo (Grant Achatz’s restaurant before Alinea) was probably my most favorite, but it is followed closely by Elisabeth Daniel.


Chef Patterson likes to experiment and play with food combinations. For example, over the 11 course meal, we had Yuba ‘Papardelle’ with english peas and corn-brioche custard with huitlacoche. Paul Einbund, the sommelier, picked wonderful wines to match. My favorite was probably the Riesling that went with the corn-brioche. However, the sake with the Kampachi Sashimi was amazing as well.


This was the second time that I have been to Coi. For some reason, it felt like the menu was more adventurous when I was there last year. Maybe it was because the restaurant had only been open for a month and he was still experimenting more. Maybe it was just the night’s menu. Delicious food though, no doubt…even if they did not have the smoked yogurt like last time (yum!).


The best part of the meal is that our Meyer lemon tree paid for it. We have become a major supplier of Meyer lemons to Chez Pannisse. Chez Pannisse is just down the hill from my house and we have probably sold about 300 pounds of lemons over the past 1 ½ years. If you have a meal there and enjoy Meyer lemons in something, it is likely that they came from my tree.


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Aug 19 2007

Travel and diving

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Angel Fish in CuracaoOnce again, I have skipped a couple of months. I managed to do another dive trip in June, this time to Curacao in the Caribbean, where we went diving with Ocean Encounters. I did about 15 dives there, including a night dive. One of the dives was down to 110 feet to visit the Superior Producer boat wreck. At that depth, you can only stay down for 20 minutes before you have to come up. The eerie thing is that there is nothing to indicate how far down you are. The water is crystal clear and there is still a lot of light. I saw a school of barracuda near the boat and it seemed like any normal dive. Of course, if something were to go wrong, then you can have serious problems, so the dive masters bring extra air and we all take extra precautions. Thankfully, nothing went wrong and it was a wonderful dive.



The week before Curacao, I was back in Tokyo for work. SCE is constantly improving the PlayStation 3 and it is always good to get many of the different groups of people together to work on the platform. Consumers are seeing the improvements with every firmware release and developers are beginning to understand how to deal with the PS3. With the holidays coming up, developers are trying to finish their titles. I have been on the road about every week for the past month. One of the trips was to Epic as part of the “SWAT team.” Every time I visit a developer, I remember how much I like actual production and the messiness which is game production. I am sure that some year I will return, but not yet.

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