Oct 21 2007

Every Extend Extra Extreme

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E4I picked up Every Extend Extra Extreme (E4) this weekend. And by “picked up”, I mean I bought it from the XBox Live Marketplace. E4 is the newest game from Tetsuya Mizuguchi. He did some of my favorite games of all time: Rez, Lumines, and Meteos.

Mizuguchi-san is very interested in synesthesia, the idea that visual and audio elements can be mixed together. Kandinsky and Scriabin are probably two of the most famous people who experienced it. Mizuguchi-san referred to Rez as K-Project in reference to Kandinsky.

RezSynesthesia is something which I found when I was composing music with graphics. I often would think “I’ll change this B-flat into blue.” I am not certain that my audience ever saw it that way, but the fluid nature of music and visuals was always fairly natural to me. It was never so much that when I heard a pitch, I would see a color, but instead that I viewed the two as being interchangeable.

As a game, E4 is awesome to me.  I have been playing two modes, the Game Time Unlimited and the standard shooter (The Revenge). They are each awesome in there own way.  I find the Game Time Unlimited to be fairly relaxing.  The Revenge reminds of Geometry Wars, only more interesting.

Unfortunately, I am sure that E4 is going to do as well as Mizuguchi-san’s other games…which is not very well. Rez is seen as a landmark game (back on the Dreamcast and again on the PS2), but it never sold very well. I am guessing that Lumines did okay. It will be interesting to see how well E4 does as a pure download title. On the other hand, except for Uno, most download titles do not sell well…either on XBox Live or PSN.

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  1. Jessey Zepedaon 17 Jan 2008 at 11:28 pm

    You caught my eye with the synaesthesia part. I love to hear about other artists experience with the phenomenon. I studied psychology and became quite fasinated with the phenomenon. I found you because I’m interested in the GEM portion of pure data. I hope to use pure data, reactivision and aromatic diffusers to make an art piece called “pure synaesthesia ‘union of the senses.’”

    Thanks for your work
    Jessey Zepeda

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