Jan 23 2008

Numbers with Brushes

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I spent some more time playing with video output in Peduncle. This time, instead of using a movie file, I fed the system four still images. Each image had a single word on it in a different color – One, Two, Three, Four. The brushes were randomly placed on the images and wanted to move to brighter areas. If a brush was only on a black pixel, then it would randomly move in some direction. I also blended the color from frame to frame so that there would not be sudden changes as the underlying images switched.

The numbers video is here.

The resulting video is sort of interesting, although there is a lot more that I would like to do with it. There are two major features which I need to add to Peduncle next. The first is applying a matrix transform to the brush so that I can get rotation and scale. The second feature is fully computing the ops graph. At the moment, I hard code a lot of buffer sizes in the code because the ops do not know ahead of time how big of a buffer they should use. By traversing the graph in a source -> destination order, all of the ops will know how large the buffers should be, if a buffer is read or write, and generally make the processing function much cleaner.

After that, I think that I will have enough to start the actual scripting language instead of doing all of the operations in code. By having the brushes exist for the length of the application (instead of only existing for one frame), I have noticed that the temporal coherency is pretty good. I was initially concerned that every frame would result in a new brush which had no relation to the previous one.

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