Oct 21 2008

SPU Seminar

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I am heading off for the next few days to an SPU seminar that I am running.  At work, I spend a lot of my time dealing with the SPUs on the PS3.  In fact, if you are using the libswcache libraries in your game, then you are using code that I wrote.  The SPUs are interesting beasts for multiprocessor work.  They are not as easy as the homogeneous multicore solution for the XBox360, but for raw processor power, not much can beat the SPUs right now.

My work tends to be around making the SPUs easier for developers to use.  Software caching (like libswcache) are ways to deal with non-uniform memory systems and making the architectural complexities more transparent to the end programmer.  I have a lot of experience with C++, so I have been looking at how templates and auto_ptr‘s can help.  Libraries like these do not give you the peak performance, but it makes it much easier for the general gameplay programmers to work on the SPUs.  I have found that game development is a constant trade off between easy to use architectures which any generalist programmer can code for and extremely high performance architectures which require a specialist.

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