Oct 26 2008

Pumpkin Carving

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We spent this afternoon carving pumpkins.  My daughters, of course, picked some insane designs which required intricate carving skills.  I happen to have a fruit and vegetable carving set, which made the task much easier.

The first step was taping the outline onto the pumpkin.  Then, we used a mini-saw to cut out the shape…basically, it just created an outline.  We then removed the paper and started cleaning each of the cuts.

Using a combination of the hole tools and the mini-saw, my wife and I managed to get each of the holes cleaned out.  The main problem was keeping the holes in the spiderweb from collapsing.  On the cat, it was not cutting the whiskers clean off.

We have not used the fruit carving tools that much in the past.  They just seem like too much work, when I would rather eat the food.  But if you need to carve some plant material, they really work well.

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