Dec 11 2008

Nicholas Hlobo at the Tate Modern

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I spent the last week with my co-studio head in the UK.  We had lots of meeting and were very busy the entire time.  We made a lot of progress on the game we pitching, justified our existence and funding to the board, coordinated IT hardware, and did everything else which a new games studio does as it starts up.

However, one of the coolest moments of the trip had nothing to do with the new studio.

Late Tuesday night, we came back from a business dinner after all day meetings.  Our hotel had a pub which was open all night for people who were staying there and my co-studio head and I wanted a final pint before crashing for the night.  As we were talking about the day’s events, two young men walked in (we had been the only people in the pub until then).  After chatting with them for a little bit, we reached the part of the conversation when you ask why someone is traveling…turns out that one of them is an artist from South Africa named Nicholas Hlobo.  He has an exhibition opening at the Tate Modern and was installing his sculpture.  After chatting for a bit, he invited us to see his work while he was setting it up on Saturday (the exhibition opened on Monday).

On Saturday afternoon, we stopped by the Tate and visited with Nicholas.  Amazing art and an amazing artist.  It was truly fascinating to listen to him discuss his work and the thoughts behind it.  There are so many different threads in his background that it makes the work come alive.  It is also wonderful that even without all of the explanation from Nicholas, the sculpture is still incredibly interesting and compelling.

If you are in London before March 1, 2009, I highly recommend stopping by.

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