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Mar 02 2009

Hard to Develop For

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PS3 A recent CNET article has much of the blog-o-sphere commenting away like crazy.  The article contains a quote from Kaz Hirai from SCE that the PS3 is hard to develop for.  In reading the article, the author does not appear to have thought much about why Kaz might have said that.

As a note, these are only my views and do not represent my current employer, SCE, EA, or any past employers.  These views are also not based on any “inside” information, but instead are based on many years in the video games industry.

It is absolutely true that of the current consoles (PS3, XBox360, and Wii), the PS3 is the most complicated.  However, there are two aspects to developing on a console.  1) The hardware and 2) the development environment.  The thing that the author of the CNET article seemed to forget is that (excluding Nintendo), selling software is what makes the money, not selling the hardware.

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