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Sep 02 2009

Flexibility in Development

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joystickMoving back to development with my studio means that I have seen a lot about what publishers are looking for these days. Wii is, of course, very popular, but there is generally a desire to be “casual.” The interesting thing is that most publishers are unsure what that means. They want the popularity of the Wii, but still want to make games like they did for the PS2 and before.

A few publishers have figured out that the Wii market is different than the hardcore market from before, but that requires an understanding of a very different demographic than has bought Doom, Gears of War, and Call of Duty in the past.

Now that Microsoft’s Natal and Sony’s motion controller have been announced, the day for the joystick might seem to be limited.  However, not every player nor every gamer wants to jump around the room, regardless of the genre.

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