Sep 25 2007


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Some fairly old code that I wrote for SGI computers.

Open Inventor nodes

- SoInverseEngine – outputs an inverse matrix.
- SoMultMatrix – outputs the product of two matrices.
- SoSwitchCont – an on/off switch.
- SoSwitchToggle – a switch to toggle between two states.

Flock of Birds code

- Code to talk to Acension’s Flock of Birds in OpenInventor/OpenGL.
- This is multi-threaded so that the serial I/O doesn’t block.
- The flocktest is a standalone application to demonstrate the use.
- CRTSync finds the “sweet spot” on your monitor.
- This only compiles on SGIs

Multi-threading classes

- Sprocs a new process and calls a user function.
- When the user’s process is done, it calls an end function in the parent process.
- Also includes a semaphore lock/unlock class
- This only compiles on SGIs.

A sound file class

- Encapsulates an AIFF/AIFF-C sound file
- Uses the SGI audio library
- Includes a normalize program to normalize a sound file for you

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